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I overheard something the other day. It was a conversation one of my children was having with an older, married couple. They were talking about our life, all of the brothers and sisters, and how fun it must be to grow up in such a big family, and then the woman turned to my child and asked,

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  • Kim Williams
    Kim Williams says #
    Jessica, I admire the job you've done with all of the children. Neither of you 'took am opening". You all (children included) beca
  • Katrina
    Katrina says #
    It never ceases to amaze me how people's own faults and insecurities tend to come out as hateful criticism towards others. Don't s
  • Kate
    Kate says #
    You are obviously trying to create an image for your self by erasing all comments that do not agree with you selfish and delusiona