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Jessica Ronne

Jessica Ronne

In 2004 I heard the news that no mother wants to hear; your child will surely die.  My unborn baby was diagnosed with severe hydrocephalus and I was told repeatedly that there was no hope.  That baby miraculously lived and thrives today, walking, talking and surpassing every prediction ever made about his life.  A few short years later in 2007 and another child added to my brood, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer.  We fought that battle for three years and then in the summer of 2010 he received his healing in heaven.  I was left a widow with four young children and then a miracle happened.  My God blessed me beyond measure with a man in Oklahoma who had lost his wife to the same incurable disease four days after my late husband had died. He was struggling with raising three young children without a mother and was committed to praying for a wife and mother to enter their lives.  We were connected by a complete stranger who followed both of our online ramblings.  Completely smitten with one another, we met 6 weeks after the first correspondence, become engaged two months after contact, and married within the year.  This is our story of faith, hope and love.  Never give up hope!! Just keep livin!!

Just a few items for consideration as you go about your week. 

 First - In honor of all of the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, and motherly figures in the world, I'm offering a Buy One / Get One 1/2 off sale on all autographed copies of Sunlight Burning at Midnight ordered here on the blog and also at Facebook/jessplusthemess.  It's the perfect time to buy one for yourself and then gift another to that special someone in your life. This sale will be honored all the way through to Mother's Day - May 14.  If you'd like the books sent to different addresses, please send me a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and I'll be happy to accommodate those requests. 

 Also - If you missed the big WCRV (100.7) For Life and Liberty interview that aired the other day, feel free to check it out below as I talk about grief, raising chickens and children in the middle of nowhere and how my husband has absolutely no problem sharing all his feelings.


Just keep livin!!

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